How do you find them at a cost-effective rate?

If you struggle with your customer acquisition process, there won’t be enough people coming in to make your business consistently viable. You need a stable influx of qualified leads and customers to maintain and ultimately grow your business.

And to do that sustainably, you should focus on three key areas:

  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Calls

This article will share three performance marketing strategies that you should consider using to scale your business.

The Three Strategies

Strategy #1 – Diversifying Your Media Spend

Facebook and Google are not the only kids on the block. If you want to improve your customer acquisition strategy, it’s vital to uncover traffic sources that are more industry or context-specific. They exist. You just need to know about them.

Taking advantage of these traffic sources means your campaign is immediately put in front of your target audience. Running these campaigns on a performance basis means that you are only paying for results.

By diversifying your source mix, it’s easier to scale and stay on budget. Some sources will have costs above goal and others will have less. On average, however, the aggregated ad spend and conversion rates can assist in meeting overall performance goals.

Strategy #2 – Try Co-registration Lead Generation

Co-registration is a marketing channel that allows you to share your products or services with qualified customers that are visiting other company websites. The lead is shared if the person opts in to learn more about the shared product or service. This provides value to the third-party website owner by providing a revenue source, and value to the lead buyer in that the fiction to getting their offer in front of targeted consumers is less.

Because of this mutual benefit, co-registration leads are highly scalable and often extremely cost-effective. If a business that buys this type of lead has an efficient process of “working them”, it can be a phenomenal and often overlooked channel to acquire new potential customers.s.

Strategy #3 – Don’t Call Them. Let Them Call You.

Trying to reach new potential customers on the phone these days is nearly impossible. Instead of chasing them, and wasting valuable resources, let them come to you.

Pay-per-call marketing is an effective way to drive inbound calls to your sales team so they can focus on informing potential customers about your value proposition and answering their questions. Often time durations are used as a measure of call effectiveness and play into the billable rate. Calls can come from a variety of channels, online and offline. Working with an agency that has the experience, tools, and technology to maximize and optimize each channel and source is another way to meet or even beat your customer acquisition goals.

The Lead-to-Call method is our proprietary process for generating inbound calls. But how does it differ from Pay-Per-Call, an excellent customer acquisition funnel in itself?

First, we don’t just feed new leads to the client’s call center. Because before we do that, we put the leads through a set of filters to find the most qualified leads for the client.

Taking advantage of this approach makes the call center agent’s job much easier. They don’t have to worry about connection rates and they get much higher call utilization rates.

Find More Customers

Improving your customer acquisition strategy is an ongoing process and being open to testing new strategies could greatly increase your reach and potentially decrease your costs. Consider trying new traffic sources, co-registration leads, or pay per call to increase campaign diversification and drive your business to new heights.

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