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Power-Up-Inbound-CAllsGet more calls, to fuel your business!

Now is the time to get aggressive with pay per call. Stop stalking and start talking with people genuinely interested in your product or service.

If you have a call center that can handle inbound calls, this performance marketing strategy will add power to your agent’s effectiveness. Lead connectivity is no longer a barrier. Qualify callers and sell to them immediately. Conversion rates are often higher than a traditional outbound sales approach.

Calls are generated a variety of ways via our internal properties and technologies or media buying team that specializes in pay per call channels and strategic partnerships:


Display Social Lead to Call
Transfers Search SMS
Print TV Radio

If you have a high-value consumer facing product or service that requires explanation before purchase, pay per call may be a channel that helps you dominate your industry.


Insurance Home Services
Business Opportunities National Retail Products
Medical Services Legal Services

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Case Study

Miracle Ear


Result: Miracle Ear offers hearing tests and aids for the hearing impaired. Rex Direct drove geo-targeted inbound calls using an omni-channel strategy to their centralized call center. Within the billable duration, the callers were qualified and if the consumer expressed further interest, scheduled to meet with a local hearing specialist. Hundreds of appointments were scheduled monthly.

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Our dedicated support team and leading edge tracking technology provides seamless connections to potential customers interested in your product or service. Our integrated quality control process ensures increased effectiveness and consistent results.

Contact us if you have a large geo-graphic footprint, reasonable call center hours and can handle at least 25 billable calls per day. We’ll explore the opportunity and evaluate if we can journey further together.

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