Monetization for Digital Publishers

RexAdz Maximizes Value of Website Inventory

Generate more revenueWebsite Monetization that Pays!

Do you have a user registration or email sign-up process on any part of your website?  Or website pages not being monetized?  If your site receives hundreds, if not thousands of visitors daily, REXADZ is an ideal way to generate additional revenue.

With a multitude of customizable ad units that don’t detract from customer flow, flexible business models and payment terms, publishers are raving about the incredible CPM’s they are achieving by implementing REXADZ technology on overlooked inventory.

How do we achieve these results?  REXADZ has built in, proprietary ad serving technology that identifies ideal consumers for selected advertisers and only shows relevant creative when the probability of take and conversion rates are maximized.

Publishers have access to real time statistics via reports and/or API.  Plus, business and technical expertise from experienced website owners actually using and profiting from the REXADZ technology.

We offer iframe and JavaScript code that easily and seamlessly integrates with your website.

Ideal partner sites include:

  • Promotional Sites
  • Survey Sites
  • Ecommerce Sites
  • Lead Generation Sites
  • Content Sites

It doesn’t cost anything to try REXADZ.  There are no set up fees and no long term commitments.  Plus you don’t need to be a technical genius to get started.