Want to boost your sales quickly & efficiently? Leverage call automation. Here’s why.

If your company is buying cheap phone data and not real-time, exclusive, branded phone leads, then your sales team is wasting valuable time. Instead, they should be focusing on genuinely interested consumers that want to learn more about the company’s product or service, not on frustrating contact rates.

Using automation to convert leads into valuable inbound calls allows the sales team to turn more prospective customers into lifetime clients.

Imagine you see an advertisement for a vacation getaway deal. How did they know you needed a break? You fill out the form to get more information. Within seconds, you get a call confirming your interest in learning more about vacation packages. You are excited about this. You press 1 and speak with a live agent that can coordinate your travel arrangements at an amazing price.

There is tremendous value to the travel agency because they only paid for calls that were sent inbound to their call center and lasted enough time to qualify the person on the line. The consumer is happy because they saw the right offer at the right time and got a great deal.

This efficient use of leads and time ultimately makes a great business case for taking advantage of new processes and technologies.

Does the Lead-to-Call Method Work?

Garbage in. Garbage out.

Quality leads are necessary to ensure qualified consumers are on the line genuinely waiting for a company’s offer. To ensure volume requirements are met, large volumes of opt-in hand-raisers that meet TCPA requirements are sent exclusively to a proprietary technology that validates and refines the data for automated outbound dialing messages. Multiple copies are tested and optimized for peak performance. Once a lead hears the message, they are encouraged to take action and initiate an inbound call. The call gets routed accordingly and handled by the end buyer. Only calls that last an agreed-upon duration are considered billable.

Sales feedback by the client allows us, as the marketing agency, to tweak the process to ensure performance, scalability, and profitability. The leads can be purchased by the agency and arbitraged into calls or the client may own the data and use the technology to improve sales team performance.

Because our clients’ call centers get to work with more qualified inbound calls, call utilization and agent satisfaction skyrocket.

Could You Use The Lead to Call Technology to Make Your Sales Team More Efficient?

The quick answer is yes.

Consider the benefits of speaking with only vetting potential customers that are ready and willing to speak with you immediately versus dialing thousands of calls to get a few people on the phone that ultimately convert to only a handful of customers.

Keep your sales team happy. Incorporate lead to call processing into your marketing plan.

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