3 Reasons to Add CO-REGISTRATION to Your Marketing Mix

Need new consumers interested in your product or service to increase brand awareness and sales via email marketing? What about exclusive TCPA compliant leads for your outbound call center? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, consider adding co-registration marketing to your channel mix. Easy to implement, relatively inexpensive to try, and scalable if it works, it’s an often-overlooked way to grow your business.

What Are Co-Registration Leads?

Have you ever signed up to become a member of a website? And, did they show you other offers during the registration process that might interest you? If yes, these “other offers” are considered co-registration campaigns. Often targeted geographically, demographically, and contextually, complementary products and services are shown to you in hopes that you express an interest in them. Should you agree and opt-in to them, your contact details are shared with the co-registration buyer.

Reason 1: Easy to Implement

Because co-registration leads are generated on “other” websites, you don’t necessarily need one for your product or service to begin marketing, although it’s highly recommended. You do however need branding details, your campaign message, the fields you want to collect (e.g. name, email address, phone number, etc.), and targeting requirements (e.g. states, gender, age, etc.). Also, you need to have a back-end process for turning leads into sales. That means an email services provider or call center facilities. Leads once opted into, are often validated for accuracy and duplication before being sent real-time to the buyer for follow-up. Reaching out to new potential consumers as fast as possible is essential to achieving the strongest conversion rates.

Reason 2: Relatively Inexpensive to Try

Compared to other online marketing channels such as search, social, and banner marketing, co-registration leads are less expensive to buy. Depending on the number of fields you want, targeting requirements, and data verification services appended, lead prices can start as low at $0.35. At that price, a test budget of $3500 can generate 10,000 leads! Remember, these leads are exclusively yours and associated with your brand. They are not generic leads pulled from a database resold multiple times.

Reason 3: Scalable If It Works

By tracking sources and sub-sources, the co-registration values can be tracked and measured. Focusing spends on profitable campaigns and eliminating sources that are not, makes scaling simple. Adding additional sites to the marketing mix over time allows the volume to grow while keeping the cost per acquisition goals within budget.

Common Mistakes

Co-registration leads are not for all businesses and verticals. If an efficient, and often automated process, is
not available to follow up with the leads quickly, then co-registration leads are not for you. Scalability can
only be obtained if your business covers a large region (e.g. multiple states or national), otherwise, the volume is limited. Verticals that appeal to a mass audience, not too niche, such as personal finance, health and wellness, travel, financial services, home services, market research, sweepstakes, and retail coupons typically do well. Campaigns that are focused exclusively on the top 2% of the population do not. Adding qualifying fields (e.g. are you a homeowner or do you own a credit card) can significantly increase quality, but also affect volume and price. A balance between these variables must be found during the test period. Your budget should allow for this prior to determining the success or failure of a campaign.

Overall co-registration marketing is a great way to increase brand recognition, reach new markets, and acquire new customers. It’s worth testing to see how it measures up to your current marketing mix and the impact it can have on your business’s bottom line.

Still not sure if co-registration marketing is for you? Speak with Rex Direct for free about your campaign. Together we can decide if co-registration would be a good addition to your marketing mix. With over 1000 coregistration campaigns and 50MM leads delivered, we have the expertise to advise you. Contact us today for more information.